Remember that second cousin you haven’t heard from in years? The one who showed up unexpected last christmas…the one who stole your bed and made you sleep on the couch?

If you don’t want to relive last years sore back issues and discomfort, worry no more because we’ve got your back! (literally). Even though the holidays are a few months away, we recommend preparing ahead of time, to avoid unnecessary stress. Here are a few simple ways to turn any room into a guest oasis.

1. No Extra Space- No Problem!
We’ve got you covered. We know that not everyone has the space for a guest bedroom. How about a sofa bed? They have come a long way in terms of comfort, style and affordability. This is how you can convert your office space or living room into a comfortable abode. If you don’t have the space to dedicate an entire room, invest in a good quality air mattress that won’t leave your guests on the floor in the middle of the night. Many now come with built in pumps that do all the hard work, so you don't have too! Last but not least, ensure your guest has a place to store their belongings by clearing out a few drawers. If this is not possible, provide them with baskets that can double as clothing storage.

2. Comfort and Accessibility

Ensure you have enough clean bedding and towels for your guest. Place them visibly in their room, that way they know that those are their designated linens. Your Egyptian cotton bedding will thank us. Another way to avoid endless questions, would be by displaying your Wifi password in their room. A fun way of doing this can be by framing it and placing it on their bedside table or nearest counter top! In addition, temperature can be crucial to your guests stay, if you have a thermostat near or around their space, inform your guest on how to use. If you don't want your guest playing with the temperature, provide them with a heater or fan for their room. 

3. Staying…a while
If your guest is not from our great city then why not give them the tour? Too busy? If you know your guest is coming for an extended period of time, create a top ten restaurant list (no one wants to cook every night), or create a map of your favourite places in the city. If your guest is staying awhile, it’s always nice to keep essentials on hand. Essentials they may have forgotten such as, toothpaste, shampoos or lotions should be left in your guest space. Check out the travel aisle at your nearest store, they always cute mini essentials that are decently priced.