Area Rugs 101

When people start decorating one of the biggest mistakes they make is forgetting about areas rugs. Rather than leaving it as an after thought, we recommend picking out your rug first. Area rugs bring spaces together and can make a huge impact. They help bring warmth, colour and texture to any space and they’re great for creating distinct spaces in open concept homes. And yes, even if you have carpet, you can still use area rugs! They’re also a great option for renters who cannot switch out their carpet.

The key to finding the perfect rug is picking one that is the correct size. This is where most people go wrong. It’s always better to have an area rug that is too big than too small. Too small of an area rug will make your room look smaller. Ideally if you are using your area rug to define your space, all legs of your furniture should be on the rug. Worst case scenario, the fronts of the legs will do. If you’re brave enough to use an area rug underneath your dining room table- make sure all the chairs fit on the rug, even when they are pulled away from the table. Usually anything smaller than 8x10 will be too small. But don’t dread, if you have a smaller area rug that you love, why not layer it on top of a larger one? 

If layering sounds like a good option for you, opt for a thinner rug on the bottom. Jute rugs make a great neutral great base. Jute rugs are easy to clean and durable. But be warned, they do shed and can lose their shape over time.

Another question that many people have about area rugs is to go with a high pile or low pile rug. In our opinion, high pile rugs are great in moderation. They’re ideal for low traffic areas like bedrooms. While they feel wonderful under your feet, they are difficult to keep clean. Low pile rugs are more practical when it comes to spot cleaning and vacuuming. We always recommend low piles rugs for families with children. If your children love to play on the floor always add a rug pad underneath. When it comes to picking the right material, if you want a softer feel, opt for wool or cotton. However, if that’s not within your budget, there are many synthetic fibres that can give you a similar feel. 

Area rugs tend to be a bigger investment than most people think. Because it’s best to go larger, they are much more expensive than the usual 6x9. While it may be tempting to buy the cheapest rug out there, we always recommend saving a bit more and investing in quality pieces that will last. Need some inspiration? Check out our favourite area rugs below!




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