Being an informed Consumer

Furniture shopping can be a daunting task. Many of us have heard horror stories of people purchasing a product, only to have it fall apart a month later, or to get it home and find it to be damaged and not returnable. These things are avoidable! Follow our tips for guidance on your purchases.


 Return Policy
Let’s be honest, if you are as compulsive as we are when it comes to shopping, sometimes things need to be returned. Return policies are important to know when buying any piece of furniture, unless you have an alternative space that you can place it in. Remember days to return vary depending on where you are buying from. Its less embarrassing to ask before trying to return the product 30 days after the 14 day policy, trust us. ALWAYS keep your receipt on hand.

Product Quality
Have pets? Kids? Furniture and accessories will vary based on your lifestyle and needs of the product itself. Consider doing some research on different fabrics and materials and how they wear differently and will react to cleaners and daily use. It’s always a great idea to borrow out a fabric swatch and see how the colour will look in your light. If you are considering table tops and surfaces - check out our article on surfaces. It may be of some help. 

                                                                                             Ask Questions                                                                                                               When in stores, ensure to ask lots of questions about where the product is made, the type of material and about the quality of the piece. It’s always good to know how it will compare in contrast to what you may have now for fabric or material content. How to clean the product is another good thing to know. And of course, always ask about the warranty of the product! Don’t ever feel embarrassed to ask questions, that’s what sales associates are there for. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to test drive the product! Floor models are there for you to try them out.

                                                                                            Measurements                                                                                                                    We can’t say this enough, always measure! Even if the product is returnable and you feel like being spontaneous because the store is an hour away from home, do the measurements. It may seem like a hassle, but it will be a bigger hassle when the product arrives and it doesn’t fit in your designated space, or let alone through your door way. If your product is being delivered and doesn’t fit through your doorframe, 9 times out of 10, it’s up to the customer to front the cost of the delivery fee, which can really add up. If possible, take pictures so when you get back home you can try to envision your space. When buying multiple pieces it can be hard to know if they will all fit together, even if the measurements work out. Our best advice for this is to tape out the measurements of the pieces so you can see what it would be like all together. 

                                                                                            Expectations                                                                                           There is no such thing as a perfect piece of furniture. Having realistic expectations when furniture shopping will help make the process a little smoother. It can go both ways, where you spend a lot and your product does not seem to last the way you want it to, or where it is cost effective can last a long time. The price tag on it does not always matter, as long as you find the quality to be sufficient after research on what will fit your life style and needs of the product.

Pre Plan
As previously stated, furniture shopping can be daunting, frustrating and all around horrible experience. Our top tip is to plan. Have in mind the style you are going to go for before heading out and picking out every piece you love. Even if you love the style it might not align with what you are planning for your space. If you are going to go out to the stores make sure to look online to pre shop the websites, this may help narrow down your list of things to look at in each store and will help your trips to each place be a little bit less wandering. Always explore your options. There are so many vendors to choose from when it comes to one specific piece, they might have it in varying colours at once place and a lower price at another. Pre planning will save a lot of stress and headaches! That is what we are aiming to help you with.