Top Tips for Furniture Assembly

1. Count the pieces.
There is nothing worse than assembling a piece, only to learn that you are missing the last two bolts, screws or nuts. This frustrating moment can be avoided by simply counting your pieces before you start.                                                                                                                                      
2. Check the product.
If your product looks less than perfect, notify the store before you start building. Occasionally damage can occur when furniture pieces are being transported or made in bulk quantities.

3. Invite your friends.
Assembling things alone is never fun. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes (or a shoulder to cry on) can be exactly what you need.

4. Don’t assemble late at night.
You might end up with a leg facing inward on a end table that only needs two bolts to assemble. If you feel frustrated building furniture during the day, you will create more frustration by building at night.

5. Have a power tool ready.                                                                                                                                                            The instructions might say no power tools but as long as you drill on a low speed, you’ll be okay. This may save you time and frustration, just be careful when you are using this tool.

6. Have fun.
Stay hydrated, sangria will always be a good idea (in our books). It is also helpful to have music or a movie playing in the background to coverup the sound of crying (just kidding, you’ll be fine).