Moving Out Essentials


Honestly, looking for the perfect place is tough. Don’t get me wrong… life at my parent’s home is fantastic but a strong urge to move out has (finally) kicked in. Have you ever looked for the right place? The advertised pictures (if there is any) are horrible. I can't tell if they have posted the same wall photo 5 times, or if they are different rooms... especially when there is no furniture defining the space. For myself, a small one bedroom would be fine but it needs to be a well lit space, include parking, be closer to work and preferably have a strong wifi connection. Oh, and did I mention a place to do laundry?

So now you might ask, when is the right time to move out? Answer, I DON’T KNOW. But if you do know, please help a girl out. What I do know is, there is no better time than the present to start collecting the essentials to move out with. Here are some guidelines on what to buy, what to wait on and what to hoard before moving out.

The Small Things: 

Let's get real, go ahead and collect all your cutlery, glassware and dinnerware. This is a quick way to save money down the road. When you’re moved out and paying rent, you’ll wish you could afford those cute wineglasses; so why not buy them now?

Here’s a quick run down on some small but essential things to get:

  • Glassware
  • Dinnerware
  • Cutlery
  • Kitchen Essentials like salt and pepper shakers, cutting boards, knives, paper towel holder, prep bowls, etc.
  • Towels (neutrals are always a good choice)
  • Bedding
  • Small Appliances (Blender, Vacuum, Iron, Toaster, Kettle, etc.)

Timeless & Neutral Pieces:

Something to keep in mind when buying is if your style changes frequently. If you feel an item may be “trendy” at the moment, it may not be the best item to buy ahead of time. However things, like art, are always a good thing to pick up. Collecting art over time helps create a curated look. As long as the size isn’t too large, then it should work in any space. Plus, you can always decorate around it or use it as an inspiration for the space. Another thing you can pick up is small accessories like throw pillows. I will add that buying throw pillows ahead of time may be jumping the gun but I am definitely guilty of doing this. I can’t help but pick up cute throw pillows here and there, but I make sure that they are neutral so that they will work anywhere.

Hold Off On Buying:

  • Big furniture pieces- Bedroom Furniture, Dining room Table and Couches. Who knows what colours will be in your space, especially if you decide to rent! Plus, do you really want to risk having that California King sized bed not fit through your bedroom door? 
  • Bathroom accessories- Tooth brush holders, shelves, soap dispensers, etc. Those aren’t a huge expense and can be purchased quickly once you are in your space. 
  • Organizers- Cutlery drawer inserts and closet organizers. Drawers and closets come in varying sizes and one size does not fit all.

What are some essentials that you wish you had when you moved out? And to all those moving out, good luck finding your perfect place, hopefully I will find mine as well!

Shortly after writing this but, before posting it. Bliss has been found and my new space will soon be filled with all the beautiful things. Photos to come soon!