An Ella Fitzgerald Christmas

Our favourite part of the holidays is gathering with our friends and family around the table. There’s nothing we love more than creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Flickering candles, the smell of fresh greenery and rich colours are the key ingredients for a memorable night that pleases all the senses. We want our table to evoke that nostalgic and decadent feeling that Christmas brings. Picture yourself sitting around our table with the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald playing in the background, a fire crackling- glowing, and drinks flowing. This year we were invited to decorate a table as part of Ayoko Design’s event called Table Stories. Here is a little peek at the table we designed and a guide on how you too can decorate a table this holiday season.

Simple steps to recreate this in your own home are as follows:

  1. Start with a theme/ inspiration:

    For us, our whimsical gold rimmed animal themed plates were the start. We drew golds and dark greys from this main plate by layering gold and dark grey underneath. We then added pops another pop of gold with our cutlery and drinking glasses. Our main plate became the inspiration and we created the theme of warm and cozy yet still elegant and glamourous.

  2. Find greenery:

    We pulled greenery from all different sources. The main part of our greenery was actually fake but it gave us a base to work from so we didn’t blow the bank. We then tied in beautiful strands of pine and fur in all sections as well as eucalyptus (of course- I can’t remember a project we’ve done without it). We then added beautiful pops of a beautiful burgundy flower that we honestly don’t remember the name of. Feel free to cut the strands to any size you want and then tuck and weave them into your main garland to make it feel as full as possible!

  3. Candles:

    ALWAYS. Do we need to say more?

  4. Add varying heights:

    Height is always necessary but also keep in mind your guests will be sitting across from each other and (hopefully) will want to see one another while the conversation is flowing. Height can be added towards the ends of the table and is important in creating visual interest.

  5. Twinkly light:

    Yes, candles are not enough. Ambience is a big thing friends and we are trying to help you out. The strands of twinkly lights will last you for years and are battery operated! Feel free to intertwine these throughout your strands of garland.