Styling a Coffee Table like a Pro

Step one: Always start with books. Stacking books is like setting the foundation, upon which the other items will be featured. They are also a great conversation piece.

Step two: Add a tray! A tray is a great way to group items. You can throw your remote controls or coasters in it and have them look neat and tidy. If you don't have a tray, a bowl is a great alternative. If you're feeling REAL crazy, try a bowl and a tray together. 

Step three: Bring nature indoors. Add a natural element, whether its flowers, a plant or even a rock (if you're opting for a rock it better be a reallllllly pretty one). Adding a natural element adds texture, height and colour to the table. 

Step four: Add personality. Layer in your favourite odds and ends. Our #1 go-to piece is always a candle. But think outside the box, what about that souvenir you bought on your last trip? When grouping items, play around with them until it feels right!