Blank Canvas

A great way to add interest and character to any space is through art. Whether you are a collector of fine art or are a parent who wants to showcase your child’s newest creation, there are many unique ways to display art throughout your home. When it comes to sourcing art work, think the unexpected. Go to the nearest thrift store, go on an adventure and take photos or pull a Jackson Pollock and throw some paint at a canvas. Art doesn’t have to be expensive to look good! It’s all about finding pieces that you love. Once you have found those pieces now it’s time to display them…

Art Ledges

This is a perfect option for those who love to constantly evolve their spaces. Art ledges can be found at places at IKEA or you can find an easy DIY on Pinterest. Art ledges work best when you mix different scales, orientations and types of art. An examples of this would be mixing vintage photographs with typography and abstract art. Art ledges are also great because you can layer pieces in front of each other. It also allows you to switch out pieces seasonally.

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls have become popular in the past few years. They are a great focal point in a room. Just like art ledges, gallery walls work best when you mix scale, orientation and different types of art. If you want to create a more curated look, we recommend sticking to the same colour of frame and keeping your art work within the same colour family. However, our favourite gallery walls are eclectic ones that mix different sizes, frames and colours. When it comes to actually hanging your art work, trace your frames onto pieces of paper, cut them out and then tape them onto the wall to help visualize the layout you want. This is an easy way to make sure your pictures are hung at the correct level. Nail through the paper so you have a precise spot.


Grids are a great way to showcase family photos. We recommend sticking to the same size and colour of frames for grids,this helps give it a more polished look. Choosing the same colour of pictures also helps it look more cohesive (think black and white family photos in gold frames- thats what we like). When it comes to hanging pictures in grids, a level, painter’s tape and measuring tape are you best friends. Use painter’s tape to create an even grid on your wall and always double check your measurements. If you have not yet heard of Gorilla hooks- they may be your new companion in the process of hanging art work in your home! They can be picked up in bulk quantities at your local hardware store. 

Last but not least we leave you with one request! We challenge you to think outside the box and display your art in a new fun way. Whether you are an expert at hanging art work or have never used a hammer in your life, you too can create a beautiful wall.