Let's Get Cozy

With winter just around the corner, we want nothing more than to curl up with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket. When you live somewhere with 6 months of winter, you learn to embrace the cozy life. Check out some of our favourite ways to get your home reaaaaal cozy.


Add Warmth Through Pillows & Throws

Switch out your pillows and throw blankets for textures like faux furs, velvets, knits etc. Swapping your pillow covers is also a more affordable option. If you want to bring your decor game to a whole new level, add plaid. Nothing says cozy quite like plaid and it's versatile enough to last throughout the fall/winter season. We also love adding a weaved basket with rolled up blankets to any space.

Layer Your Lighting

With the days getting shorter, lighting becomes more of a focus. The key to creating a cozy atmosphere is to layer different types of lighting. Adding a dimmer switch to your fixtures helps to create mood lighting. Add different types of lighting like table lamps and floor lamps to create an oh so relaxing space. If you currently have cool white lightbulbs switch them out for a warmer and softer bulb.

Embrace Natural Elements

Bring natural elements indoors, whether it be a wooden tray on your coffee table or a wreath on your front door. Find ways to bring natural elements indoors. This is a great way to add warmer colours and texture to your space.

Find Your Scent

We're going real basic on you. Find a seasonal scent you love for your home. Whether you opt for a diffuser, make an essential oil mixture, or buy a new candle, scent plays a huge role in changing the mood of a room.

What are your favourite ways to make your home cozy? We'd love to hear! Comment below and check out our favourite cozy finds.

Simple & Natural Autumn Tablescape

With Autumn in full swing there's no better time to ready your table for your festive feasts and soirees. We're always inspired by the earthly natural elements of each season. Incorporating natural elements is also a great way to keep your table scape affordable! 


How to get this look:

  • Start by adding texture through placemats or a tablecloth. We love the organic texture of weaved placemats.
  • Add white plates as your base and then add a pop of colour through your desert plates. 
  • Top your plates off with a classic white napkin. We tied thyme to our napkins with twine but you can use whatever herb you have on hand.
  • Create a simple centrepiece. We actually created two centrepieces on our tablescape. We added classic white pillar candles on a wood slab on one side. On the other side we used dried flowers in a vase. 50% of the dried flowers were foraged which is a great budget friendly option. 
  • Last but not least, finish your tablescape by sprinkling natural elements throughout the table. We added pieces of pine as well as acorns and pinecones!

And just like that you have a simple and natural autumn tablescape. Cheers! 


photography by Taylor Gould 

Budget Friendly Decorating

Buying your first home is expensive. I'm in constant denial of how much money we actually spent on paint and renovations before we even moved into the house. So when it came time to furnish and decorate the house my bank account wasn't looking so hot. This is when we decided to get creative. When decorating I believe in mixing high and low priced pieces. While I splurged on a few pieces, here is how I was able to save a little $$ and how you can too! 

Search Kijiji or Craigslist

Never underestimate the internet and what people are wanting to part with. I searched through the mid century modern feed like Nancy Drew herself. Things to keep in mind when searching is to look for certain keywords in ads like solid wood, great condition, non smoking household, etc. This way you know you're getting a quality piece and not something ready for the garbage. Definitely bring a friend for safety and for help moving if you do find any winning pieces. I ended up finding a solid wood mid century modern accent chair as well as a dresser for my bedroom. I refinished both with Minwax (which is a magical stain and sealant) and they're as good as new.



Scout Outlets

If you are lucky enough to have a furniture outlet store near by, become a regular. I had my eye on a Kendall dining room table from EQ3 but I couldn't afford the $2000 price tag. After weeks of scouting the outlet I came across one for a fourth of the price! My table had a minor flaw, which is the case for most pieces at the outlet. However, things can end up at the outlet simply because they were a floor model or because a customer decided to return the piece. While it may become embarrassing becoming a regular at an outlet (another customer actually asked me if I worked there) it does pay off in the end. 

Find a Copycat

Another piece that I had my eye on was the Mod upholstered bed frame from West Elm. While the price point of this bed isn't too crazy, I live in Canada, so with the exchange rate and paying for a second party company to bring it across the border would have really added up. Thankfully, I came across a copy of this bed from Structube for under $800! A great way to find copycats is to search an image on Pinterest and then click the top right triangle button and it will show you similar pieces.                                                                                                                                                                     


Go Thrifting & Antiquing

Last but not least, if you like a little adventure, turn on Macklemore's thrift shop and head to your nearest thrift or antique shop. I know some people are grossed out by thrifting and antiques. However, they're a great place to get unique accessories and art pieces. This helps make your house feel more collected and less like a magazine ad, unless of course that's the look you're going for. If you're scared of bringing home bedbugs or bringing home unwanted guests, stick with items like art, picture frames, pots, etc.  I picked up a bunch of old post cards at an antique store a few years ago and finally got around to framing them and they look great!

Any other first time home owners or renters out there who have any other budget friendly decor tips? We'd love to hear all about them in the comment section! 

the ULTIMATE GUIDE to purchasing a sofa [part 1]

Do Your Homework

Everyone has been there, standing in a furniture store surrounded by countless sofas unsure of what’s good and what’s bad. Fear no more, we’re here to help. After reading our ultimate guide to purchasing a sofa you will be fully prepared to go shopping on your own and declare yourself a sofa expert to all unsuspecting sales people. However, before you reach this expert level you must do a little homework.  


Set a realistic budget for yourself. If you’re wanting to purchase a sofa that will last you the next 20 years you may have to invest some serious cash. When purchasing for the long run, invest in a timeless style. However, if you’re someone like us who likes a more trendy style, you can opt for a lower priced option. This way if it goes out of style in 5 years, it won’t be too big of a financial loss. When you go to a store with a budget in mind it will take some of the stress off the buying experience. 


Before you even go near a store think about where you want the sofa to go. A formal living room? Family room? Basement? Can’t a sofa go anywhere? Certain sofas are best in specific areas. It all depends on how you want to use your sofa. If you’re wanting a cozy “watch Netflix and nap” type of sofa, that would be best suited in a family room rather than a formal living room. If you want a tufted tuxedo sofa, well that would be best suited for a lower traffic area where the tufting won't get ruined.

Style & Colour

When it comes to choosing a style for a sofa, we always recommend picking a timeless design. However, as we said about function, it all depends on where the sofa is going. Certain styles fit better in certain rooms. You also have to ask yourself what type of style your house is. Do you have a traditional living room? Mid-century? Knowing your home’s style is key to picking the right sofa. We also recommend narrowing it down to a few different styles you like before stepping foot into a store. When it comes to colour, neutral is always best. Think, beige, charcoal, light grey, etc. It will fit with any decor style and you won’t tire of it. If you want to add interest, add colour through accent pillows or accent chairs. 


When picking out the fabric for your sofa keep in mind your lifestyle. Do you have pets? Children? Will this sofa be in your family room or formal living room? Here are some quick fabric points to keep in mind:

Leather, especially in darker colours is usually a safe choice. It’s pretty timeless and only looks better with age. It’s also a great choice for people with kids- it’s easy to clean! We recommend distressed leather when it comes to people with smaller pets and kids- small scratches add to the patina. Keep in mind that leather requires maintenance. 

If you have pets and children and are looking for a sofa that requires zero maintenance, opt for a synthetic. Whether that be a faux leather made of polyester & polyurethane, a microfibre or a ultra suede, these are all great options. Synthetic fabrics with polyester and nylon tend to be more durable than natural fibres. Another thing to keep in mind if you are a person with pets is to opt for a tight weaved fabric (you’ll thank us later). 

Slipcovers are also a great option if you’re wanting a white sofa but have children or pets. Most slipcovered sofas are made of cotton or linen. Cotton is the more affordable fabric and it’s easy to clean (soap and water!). Linen is a more luxurious fabric which usually ups the price point. Some linen can be washed but some may require dry cleaning; always find out before purchasing. Cotton and linen are prone to wrinkling, you’ll definitely have to invest in a steamer. If you want a slip covered sofa but don’t want to deal with wrinkling- look for a blend with polyester. 

To all you people who don’t have pets or children, you’re a free bird! Get whatever fabric you desire.  


Last but definitely not least, your last bit of homework is to measure your doorways and the room that the sofa is going in. There is nothing worse than finding your dream sofa and having to return it because it won’t fit through your front door or because it takes up the entire room. Sofas always look smaller in showrooms, ALWAYS.