Why Stage Your House?

Staging is a proven way to impress buyers and showcase the full potential of a house. Homes that are staged properly allow buyers to envision themselves living there. A home that has been decorated and styled will often last less time on the market than a home that has not, while also bringing back a return of up to 8%. Whether you are a real estate agent or a homeowner, we will unlock the hidden potential within your house to attract buyers. 

What We Do Different 

We understand that every home is unique and while one piece of furniture may look good in one home, it might not look good in another. This is why we provide a custom staging experience that caters to the specific style of the home. We curate the furniture and accessories that go into the home in order to highlight its true potential. 


We can help you prepare your home for resale through a one hour consultation where we will help guide you with quick tips on how to showcase your home to sell. We can help with improving trouble areas and highlight the homes best features to prospective buyers.

Occupied Property Staging & Rentals

With a large amount of furniture to choose from, we can provide you with rentals of the pieces your home may be missing while prioritizing the pieces you already have in your home. We can design around your existing furniture to maximize your homes potential.

Vacant Property Staging

We have the ability to take your empty home and give it the wow-factor that will give the best first impression possible. Let us transform your vacant home into the ideal living space prospective buyers will dream of living in.